The Mars Generation Documentary On Netflix in May

We are excited to announce a new documentary about human space exploration to Mars that will be released on Netflix in May of 2017. The movie captures the hopes and dreams of students who are excited about human space exploration and many aspiring astronauts including our founder and leader Astronaut Abby.

Astronaut Abby is featured in The Mars Generation Documentary along with many notable professionals including: Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Elon Musk. Some luminaries offer words of encouragement while others discuss the technology that is needed to make this mission possible.

Check out the trailer above to see a little more of what this film is about.

Be sure to tune into Netflix and watch The Mars Generation Documentary in May 2017.

For interview inquiries please email [email protected]

the mars generation documentary - astronaut abby - Netflix

Image Credit: The Mars Generation Documentary – Netflix



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