Space Coast Marathon The Mars Generation Team 2017

#TeamTMG Space Coast Marathon 2017

Join #TeamTMG today! Our mission is to raise money for The Mars Generation nonprofit (TMG) to send kids who lack financial resources to space camp and all our other programs too.

By joining our team you will be a part of an incredible group of people dedicated to making the world a better place.

Team members include our runners, who choose to run the Space Coast Marathon, Half Marathon or Marathon Relay and also our Ground Support crew of volunteers who show up to cheer on the runners and help make the event a smashing success!

How Does It Work

You can join #TeamTMG as a Runner or a Ground Support Crew Member! Here is how it works:

Runners: If you would like to run as part of our team for the Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon event in 2018  you agree to fundraise (or donate) $500 for The Mars Generation which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You will sign up with us once we open enrollment and once accepted on our team you will receive a special link to sign up for the Space Coast Marathon, Half Marathon or Marathon Relay. After you officially sign up you will receive a fundraising toolkit, personal webpage for fundraising, ongoing staff support for your training and fundraising efforts. You will also get a special TMG Space Coast Marathon t-shirt (athletic/ moisture wicking material), get some cool TMG space swag and be invited to several special TMG marathon events listed below.

Ground Support: If you would like to join our Ground Support Crew you will sign up with TMG and get all the benefits of being a part of this special crew as well as experience the power of being a part of making this team rock and roll before, during and after the marathon events. It’s a powerful thing to provide to support to a group of athletes that are setting out to do huge things like running these races! As a volunteer you will get a special “Ground Support” TMG Space Coast Marathon t-shirt, get some cool TMG space swag and be invited to several TMG marathon events listed below. Ground Support crew members can opt to fundraise for special rewards listed below as well!

We will also provide rewards for fundraising beyond $500 as follows:

  • Raise $600 for a TMG Logo T-shirt
  • Raise $800 for a TMG Logo Sweatshirt
  • Raise $1000 for a TMG Patch Jacket
  • Raise $1500 to receive the TMG logo t-shirt, sweatshirt and TMG Patch Jacket

Special TMG Marathon Events

TMG Pre-Race Event: We are planning a pre-race event that will take place the day before the race. This event will be a chance to pick up your special race t-shirts, TMG space swag and also get photos and build on the friendships that are forged over months of training and cheerleading that will happen online through our private Facebook group.

TMG Post-Race Event: We are also planning a post-race event that will take place in the afternoon after all our runners have completed their amazing journey on the course. Details to follow.

How to sign up. We will not open the signups for a few months, but you can put your name on our email list to get updates. Please note that when you add your name to this list you will get specific emails about this event, but you will also get TMG emails about all our cool events (this includes several fundraising events).