Train Like A Martian Schools AstronautEducators and students join us for this one of a kind worldwide event May 22-26 2017!

It’s our 2nd Annual #TrainLikeAMartian Challenge! 

What is the Train Like a Martian Challenge

The Mars Generation will be sponsoring an entire week of fun “astronaut training” activities to bring awareness to the importance of STEM education, space exploration and physical fitness to children and adults around the world!

The Train Like A Martian Challenge will be held May 22-26 2017.

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Why Classrooms and Schools Should Get Involved

For our school partners, the Train Like a Martian Challenge is an opportunity to blend STEM learning with exercise and highlight the importance of physical fitness in everyday life.

Encouraging young people to think about how fitness and careers are linked is essential to our future workforce. While astronauts are required to maintain maximum fitness, we know that healthy, active people are more likely to be successful in the workforce.

TMG_bringing-world-together-AstronautWhen Is The Train Like A Martian Challenge

The event is scheduled for the entire week of May 22-May 26, 2017.


The Mars Generation will be following a curriculum of activities from the NASA Train Like An Astronaut Program* – this program is amazing and has all kinds of additional resources that educators can use including videos, progress sheets, instruction guides and more!

How Can Classrooms and Schools Participate

It’s up to teachers, school administrators, parent volunteers or other school leaders to decide what is a good fit for participation. Some ideas include:

  • Having students do daily TMG challenge activities (you can modify activities to suit classroom space) and competition against other classrooms, students etc.
  • Teachers competing against teachers for most challenge minutes accomplished with classrooms.
  • Classrooms participating and teacher sharing photos online – students can follow other classrooms online for fun.
  • Holding a school wide field day with all activities form the NASA Train Like An Astronaut Program*
  • Holding a school wide rocket run or other activity that marks the event.
  • School wide TLM challenge participation every morning during homeroom or some  other

Special Classroom/School Perks:

All classrooms/schools that officially sign up and participate will receive following perks:

  1. Receive Train Like A Martian participation certificate for classroom / school  (Digital File To Print)
  2. Be entered in a drawing to win a Jade Robot!
  3. Up to 30 Autographed Astronaut Abby photos sent to each classroom that participates and we will send up to 30 TMG stickers as well. Request your photos and stickers by contacting us here.

Rewards and Prizes

Fundraising is not required for this challenge, but if your school chooses to fundraise your school will have a chance to win some cool additional prizes and earn some cool rewards too. Click here for information. 

Educators and Parents Prizes – All educators and parents who share their activities or support of the challenge on the #TrainLikeMartian hashtag on Twitter, Facebook. and Instagram will be entered in a daily drawing during the challenge for chances to win patches, space books, TMG t-shirts and more. This drawing is a general drawing and includes entries from our entire online community. Click here to learn more about contest prizes and entry guidelines.

*NASA is not affiliated with The Mars Generation Train Like A Martian Challenge