Think STEM and Space This Holiday Season

Space Camp SimulationThis year as you consider what you ask for from your friends and family for the holidays – we want to offer you a gift idea that has the power to change lives. Instead of asking for material things or risking the ugly sweater from Aunt Zelma we have an idea. You can setup a The Mars Generation fundraising campaign on our special site and ask your loved ones to donate to fund your Space Camp Scholarship campaign. This is what 12 year old TMG Student Space Ambassador Joey did and he continues to work towards his goal of sending one kid who does not have the financial means to Space Camp.

It’s easy to do. Just follow these simple steps and you will have your own page that you can share with your family and friends. Their gift is tax deductible to them and will leave you and them with the feeling that comes from knowing you have truly set the course to change a life through the experience of Space Camp.

How to setup your own TMG fundraising page (see visual instructions below):

  1. Go to TMG GiveMN page by clicking here
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “start raising funds”
  3. Follow on screen directions to setup your campaign – make sure you tell people what you are fundraising for and what your goal is. It is estimated to cost $1500 per full paid Space Camp Scholarship including transportation, $1000 will cover the Space Camp tuition and $500 covers transportation. You can choose to fundraise for any amount and it can just be for TMG not the Space Camp program if you choose.
  4. Share the link with your friends and family and request a donation in lieu of a gift. Joey also has some offline donations coming in and has entered that as well so people can see progress. If you accept checks have them make them out to The Mars Generation so that they get the tax benefit. If they donate online the funds go directly to TMG and they will get a tax receipt via email immediately.

Thank you so much for considering TMG this holiday season. We appreciate your support! You can click here to make an individual donation or click here to donate airline miles as well.

TMG fundraising campaign how to

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