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Do you have a burning space and/or science question that you want to ask our leader and founder, Abigail Harrison aka Astronaut Abby, an aspiring astronaut, is currently attending Wellesley College working towards an astrobiology and Russian degree? You can now submit your questions for our new #AskAbby series that will be a part of our YouTube show, The Science and Space Show!

How You Can Ask Astronaut Abby Questions?

If you have a question for Abby you can submit it now using this  simple form .

We look forward to having educators, parents, students and anyone else who is curious about space exploration and science to get involved and #AskAbby your questions. This is an opportunity for classrooms and individuals to directly connect with Astronaut Abby and ignite their curiosity. Please feel free to #AskAbby as many questions as you have.*

To #AskAbby a question simply fill out this form now.

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*Abby will make an attempt to answer as many questions as possible. There is no guarantee your #AskAbby questions will be answered or how quickly they will be answered as we roll them into the production cycle of the videos.