Astronaut Requirements: What languages do astronauts need to know? | #AskAbby Space and Science Show

We are excited to announce the release of our new weekly series called the #AskAbby Space and Science Show! Our founder and president Astronaut Abby will be appearing each Tuesday, answering questions submitted by you, our community!

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In this second episode please join Astronaut Abby as she answers the question: Do astronauts need to know Klingon? Find out everything you wanted to know about what languages astronauts need to know and more!

Included in this episode: Find out of the many skills that are required of astronauts…if knowing other languages is required. If so, what languages do you need to master to become an astronaut and go to space? Klingon, perhaps? Includes some Shakespeare and Star Trek trivia included in this special #AskAbby episode about space languages!

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