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Season 2, Episode 14 of The #AskAbby Space and Science Show

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“Abby, what are some of your favorite questions asked?”

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While here at The Mars Generation we love tackling space/science topics, in the final episode of #AskAbby Season Two, we have something special in store! Please join our co-founder and president, aspiring astronaut Abigail Harrison, aka Astronaut Abby, for a special episode in which we acknowledge the best (and worst; we’ll let you decide) questions submitted to The #AskAbby Space and Science Show!

Watch to find out: What were the wackiest, most out-of-this-world questions? What question was so complicated even Abby had trouble answering? Which questions make us concerned for the public school system? Either way, we’re grateful for all of the questions asked of us! Now, be prepared to think, laugh, and scratch your head in our final episode of Season Two of the #AskAbby Space and Science Show!

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Transcription of Best/Worst Questions

“Abby, is space good for your back, or bad for your . . . digestion?”



Hi everyone, I’m Astronaut Abby, an aspiring astronaut with the goal to be the first person to walk on Mars! Welcome to Ask Abby, where I answer questions about space and science submitted by you, the viewers!

I will say though, we’ve gotten some pretty…interesting questions submitted by some of our viewers.

So today, I’m going to be answering the BEST questions and the WORST questions that we’ve received. AKA why we need to fund the science programs at public schools more.

No? I can’t say that? *Sighs* network censorship.

Anyways, which questions are the best and which are the worst? Well, I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide in the comments down below! Let’s get started!

Ahem, alright.

“Abby, suppose we planted a huge amount of trees on Mars in greenhouses..” Good forethought. “Then the trees have grown big. What would happen if we opened all the greenhouses around Mars at the same time?”

So, while I like where this question is going, the idea’s a little bit off. Terraforming is a really really long process; we’re talking hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of years. And so, just planting a ton of trees and then opening a greenhouse up really wouldn’t work. You’d just kill all the trees, and then you’d be back where you started?

“Why don’t Astronauts experience gravity in space?”

*stares at camera*

Well, you know what, actually they do. In space, there’s something called microgravity, so gravity still exists, it’s just so, so, so, so, so miniscule that astronauts don’t experience it almost at all. It’s imperceptible. Ha, just ask Sandra Bullock.

*Plays clip of Sandra Bullock in movie “Gravity”*
Houston, I’ve lost visual of Dr. Stone!

“Is the salvation of humanity in space exploration?”

I don’t really know if the salvation of humanity is anywhere. I mean, there are more fake flamingos in the world than real ones. Like, that’s our fault–we did that. I don’t know if that’s forgivable. We may be beyond saving.

“Why do you suppose more people are more interested in studying Mars and possibly colonizing Mars rather than studying and considering colonizing Europa, or one of the Moons of Jupiter, that is deemed more suitable for sustaining life?”

To be honest, when we look at it from a scientific perspective there are really two answers to this. The first one is that there are a lot of different opinions in the scientific community of what’s a more suitable place for life, what’s more habitable. And the second one is that it really comes down to distance. It only takes 130-300 days to get to Mars, whereas it would take 6 years to get to Europa. That alone makes Mars a much more reasonable first foray into interplanetary travel.

“So basically, would there be a theoretical limit to how much the universe could expand, due to the fact that there is a “set” amount of matter in the universe and (I don’t exactly know how to word this next part to be honest) but gravity exists (meh).”

*Abby laughs*

So first off, I really like that question and appreciate it because I can strongly relate to ending sentences with ‘meh.’

But to answer it, theoretically yes? Because we know that matter can neither be destroyed nor created, there is a set amount of matter within the Universe. And some theories do hold that once all of that matter has expanded, it will eventually collapse in on itself as well.

But as always, take this theory with a grain of salt, because there are a lot of conflicting ideas about it.

Haha okay, so…buckle down for this question and listen up.

“If the universe has no stationary objects as reference and time slows down the faster you move – how could humans make an appointment to meet aliens at a particular time and exact x/y/z location in space?”

Ummm…Can I call a friend on this one?

Okay, so I’ll admit, this is a hard question to answer. Go ahead and comment down below with your ideas on it. And who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future episode of AskAbby.

“Abby, do you believe you have your own celestial mansion residence in that celestial city in the Heavens as was spoken of in the Bible? Given all the photos taken of the celestial heavens and space, where would you speculate that celestial city might be located?”

Uhh… Pluto I guess? That’s as good an answer as any…right? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

And now…

“For someone with a degree in astrobiology, what function would you have as one of the first humans to set foot on Mars? What is your friend Emily majoring in?”

Emily, care to answer?

*hesitantly walks in, chuckling nervously* Good question…

Guys, she’s just a sophomore. Plenty of time.

But also Emily, what are you majoring in?

“Are there spiders in space?”

*hears a scream off-camera*

I hope not!!

Well, I’m very sorry Emily, but right now, the answer is actually yes.

*Plays clip from Harry Potter*

*whimpering* Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?

Much to many people’s dismay, during the Shuttle program, NASA actually sent two Golden Orb spiders to the International Space Station named Gladys and Esmerelda. This was so that they could observe how they spun webs without gravity. If you ever want to have a terrible nightmare, imagine being out on a space walk and seeing one of those VENOMOUS spiders crawl across your face plate…on the inside…You’re welcome.




Hey, if I have to have nightmares about it, so do all of you.

I already do!!

I actually think spiders are cool.

But come on, even spiders in space– that can’t be much worse than Australia, right?

*Cuts back to Harry Potter clip*

Can we panic now?

“Do you believe that NASA has already sent a manned mission to the Jupiter moon Europa and have already set up a base camp there? Why is it not common knowledge and who knows the absolute real truth?”

No, because they haven’t. But… *mouths secretly* me, obviously.

And finally, last but not least…

“Is the speed of light at the time of big bang, it was faster than the today in speed?”

Well, no, it wasn’t faster. The speed of light is 3.0 X 10^8 m/s. And it’s a constant, which means that it doesn’t change.

Well, that’s all the time we have today for #AskAbby. Thank you all so much for joining me for this special segment of The Mars Generation’s Space and Science Show. And a big thank you to everyone who has sent in questions, whether or not they’ve been featured or answered on the show.

And as a special portion of this episode, if you have an answer to any of the questions that were asked, please go ahead and comment it down below.

As always, make sure to give us a Thumbs Up if you liked this episode, and subscribe so that you don’t miss any of our awesome episodes in the future.

Until next time, farewell fellow travelers of spaceship Earth!




Is that a wrap?

That’s a wrap–

*Cut to new scene*

“Abby, why do astronauts wear socks in space?”

Because they’re fun, obviously.

*Cut to new scene*

I just want to say “celestial” one more time.

*Cut to new scene*

… 3 x 10^8. Okay so my favorite part of this question is that, having just read it out loud again, Emily asked me.. “Wait, right?”

*Cut to new scene*

–travelers of space ship.. *catches globe* Earth.

*Cut to new scene*

Once you put two or three layers of newspaper papier-mâché, you’ll want to go ahead and– *Abby slams table exasperatedly*


Just keep going!

*Cut to new scene*

*Placing beard on her face* Okay… My face was not made for a beard.

Once your papier-mâché has dried. God, why do I have an accent?

*Cut to new scene*

*Throws popcorn in air and tries to catch it in her mouth*

Hahahaha, apparently I just can’t do this.

I have a lot of talents, this isn’t one of them.

*Cut to new scene*

Fellow travelers– *Abby braces herself for globe*
*Walks off camera*

Sorry, sorry.

I want to throw the tardigrade.


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