Booklist Magazine by the ALA Review: Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars by TMG President Abigail Harrison | November 17, 2020

Dream Big! Cover_Abigail Harrison_ALA Review_The Mars Generation

We’re excited to share how Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars, the upcoming book by the TMG co-founder and President, Abigail Harrison, has been reviewed in Booklist Magazine by Sharon Rawlins at the ALA (American Library Association). Rawlins writes, “In this practical self-help book, Harrison shares useful lessons she’s learned that could help inspire young readers to pursue their own dreams.”

The review summarizes and praises Dream Big!’s strategies for young people to achieve their goals, breaking them down into clear steps of identifying your dream, researching it, forming a plan to achieve it, and standing up for it. Rawlins also remarks on the book’s inclusivity, writing, “Harrison enthusiastically recommends bringing people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints to the table to enhance a person’s opinions, abilities, and skills.” The review concludes, “Any young person who wants to achieve their dreams will find this comprehensive book helpful, particularly the activities and the extensive chapter on mentors.”

Subscribe to Booklist magazine and read the review of Abby’s book on page 43 of the December edition here. Don’t forget to pre-order Abby Harrison’s new book, Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars here.


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