#BringToMars: Get your Martian Movie Poster Made Today

Anya-Mars-2015 The MartianWe are having some fun here at The Mars Generation, thanks to our sponsor Grand Ciel design! We are creating movie posts for The Mars Generation community members! As you can see from our images on this post the posters are modeled after The Martian movie poster “Bring Him Home” but instead of asking to “Bring Him Home” we are asking to “Bring Us There.”

Our #BringToMars campaign will run through November 12, 2015.

What is the significance of November 12?

You will have to wait to find out! We will make an announcement in the first week of November. Make sure you get the news by signing up for our email updates here.

zaire-to-mars-2015 the martianTo get your #BringToMars Martian movie poster made please submit a photo on our Facebook wall following the guidelines below:

  • A headshot (shoulders/face – closer is better – Do NOT post a full body photo. Do NOT post a photo with more than one person in it.).
  • Make sure the image is approximately 1000 pixels x 500 pixels in size
  • Submit the name you would like to appear on the photo. The name needs to be 7 characters or less to work
  • Anyone of any age can participate! If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents submit the photo for you.



Note: By submitting a photo Facebook Page or any other public social media channel you are giving us permission to share your #BringToMars photo online, through email or any other place we decide to use the photo.



  1. hemant Adhav says

    this is nice idea of Mars Martian movie poster , by which students will connect program and they will have fun and knowledge …

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