Dawne Brown White Compas Inc.

Dawne Brown White, Executive Director, Compas Inc.

A respected and accomplished leader within the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/Saint Paul) nonprofit community, Dawne has a passion for building relationships and growing programs to meet community needs, especially those that strengthen children and families. Since moving to the Twin Cities from Canada, she held positions with the Girl Scouts, the University of Minnesota and the Ronald McDonald House before starting her own nonprofit. She now serves as the CEO for COMPAS, Inc., a Minnesotan state-wide arts organization and is a Saint Paul Lean In Circle facilitator. She also serves on a community foundation and an organization that prevents and mitigates the effects of domestic violence. Dawne has a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. and graduate level work in Human Resource Development. Dawne and her husband David have one son, Will who plays high school basketball. To ensure she has remained relevant around the dinner table, she has immersed herself in the NBA, college basketball and football intricacies and last year was the reining household NCAA basketball championship predictor. There’s nothing Dawne likes better than feeding a raucous party of teenage boys cheering on the Golden Gophers.

Twitter: @dbrownwhite
Instagram: dawnebwhite