#TrainLikeAMartian Day 8: Speed of Light Giving

Train Like A martian We have made it to the last day of the #TrainLikeAMartian Challenge! Thank you for joining us on this fun adventure. Whether you followed along, shared our posts, donated to our cause, joined in on the fun and took the challenge one day or all eight days  – however you participated we are thrilled to have had you on our team and we hope you will continue to be a part of our amazing community!

As you know our work is to inspire, educate and excite the next generation about STEM and space exploration. We also inspire people of all ages to dream big! Space exploration takes humans to new places, causes us to innovate and advance beyond what we currently know. This is powerful and we are committed to ensuring that the future is bright for all of us!

Pop-Up Contest

Before we get you started on your challenge we have a pop-up contest running for the best way to ask people to give to TMG – submit your photos, videos, artwork, poems  – whatever your entering just post on our #TrainLikeAMartian hashtag to have your submission reviewed. We will be giving away a TLM event t-shirt to the top submission.  Don’t forget to link to our giving page here. How is this being judged – totally subjectively – whatever entertains us and is most creative will win. Sorry we don’t know what that will be!

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DAY 8 Challenge: Speed of Light Giving

Today for our final day of #TrainLikeAMartian we are challenging you to work on your hand eye coordination with the Speed of Light Activity. You can find the official activity here…but we have an alternative challenge that is going to be much more fun! See how well you do exercising your financial muscles.

Practice hand / eye coordination by seeing how fast you can pull out your credit card and enter it here to donate to The Mars Generation. Give what you can all sized donations make a difference! See how you do with this and for an extra challenge you can try for round 2 and give again! Its’ really easy!

To encourage you to give today, you will not only get the great rewards we are offering – you will also have your donation doubled. That’s right – our board had provided a matching grant to double donations through the end of today.

We currently have raised 50% of our goal of $10,000. That means we need to raise $5000 in one day! Please join us and give, ask your friends to give and help us to change the world!

Your donation supports awareness events like #TrainLikeAMartian, but also our Space Camp scholarship program (we are still raising funds for our 10 scholars who are attending Space Camp this summer – so that’s where your money will go today) and we have a leadership program and our outreach program too!

When asking your friends it helps to message them privately and tell them why you support TMG, ask them to support today so their donation will be matched and ask them to help get these kids to space camp. Make sure you include the link here.

Thank you so much! We hope you have had fun with our first annual Train Like A Martian Challenge. Watch for more fun as the year progresses.

*The Mars Generation is not affiliated with NASA

*Photo credit: NASA


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