Five Study Tips To Be A Better Student: Student Space Ambassadors

Student Studying TipsAs part of The Mars Generation’s mission, we work to educate and inspire the next generation to Dream Big! Act Big! And Inspire Others! Through our FREE Student Space Ambassador Leadership Program (SSA), we offer ongoing mentorship and guidance.

We are excited to announce that our SSA resource committee is working on new materials to grow our library of resources for students.  Thanks to SSA Advisory Board member Jake Voorhees we have a new YouTube video to share on Study Tips. These resources are meant to support students as they work hard in school to make their dreams come true.

Five Study Tips To Be A Better Student

This time of year, students need a study boost. It’s hard to keep grinding and to put in the long hours needed to ensure you get great grades so that you can follow your career dreams.

What if it didn’t need to be this way? What if there were a few things you could do to 10x your study power? Well, good thing you found this blog post!

Here you will find five tips for studying better this fall!

  1. Prepare for Class

Setting yourself up for studying success starts way before the exam – way before you actually sit down to study. If you step into class and have no idea what that day’s lecture will be about, you will be scribbling down notes and unable to truly pay attention. Review the notes the night before. Come to class prepared to have things more thoroughly explained, to be ready to ask questions, and to engage in active learning rather than passive note scribbling!

  1. Take Good Notes

This suggestion pairs well with class prep. You have to maximize your time in class to create the best resource for yourself that you possibly can. This will empower your study potential when it finally is time to prep for an exam. The best note-taking advice comes from a Cornell professor, Dr. Pauk. This method divides your page into three sections for optimum note-taking: a primary notes section, a bulleted area on the left side, and a summary at the bottom of your page.

  1. Form Good Habits

Habits are powerful. Habits drive our lives. We are not born nor anchored with good or bad habits – we form these over time. This is what you need to do in your life, and not with just studying. If you get into a routine of only rewarding yourself when you achieve study goals, you will fall into a positive feedback loop. If you get into a routine of studying in the morning when you have the most energy / brainpower / willpower, you will be more successful. It’s hard at first, but once you repeat these routines for a few weeks, they can become lifetime habits!

  1. The Pomodoro Technique

Now for some study tactics. That’s what students want after all: “How can I study better?” Research shows we can only hold our attention for 20-25 minutes before requiring a quick break. This is exactly the Pomodoro Technique. Put your phone in airplane mode or grab a kitchen timer, remove ALL distractions from your area, and participate in focused studying for 25 minutes. Then take a five-minute break, and repeat. Do this four times for an awesome two-hour study experience! After two hours, take a more extended 20-30 minute break. Go for a walk or read a book.

  1. Spaced Repetition

This advice will make you start studying sooner. Research also shows that we retain information much better if we space out that information, learn it, forget it, relearn it, and so on. If this approach is conducted, you actually have to invest LESS time overall into studying. So when it comes time to study for finals this semester, don’t wait. Start early. Start 3-4 weeks early and review just 15-30 minutes. Each week, study more and more – accelerate your studying. By the time you reach the exam, that A will be easy!

If you’d like a more detailed explanation, check out the video embedded above. If you’re not an official Student Space Ambassador, we’d love to have you!

The Mars Generation℠ Student Space Ambassador Leadership Program (SSA) is a FREE leadership program designed to provide guidance to teens and young adults excited to share their love of space with their community. Students ages 13-24 may sign up to participate in the program, and parents and teachers are invited to sign up to use the resources. Students under the age of 13 may sign up with a parent and/or guardian.

To sign up to be a Student Space Ambassador please click here.

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