Give To Mars Day November 12: How You Can Help

Give to Mars Day - Astronaut Joey

Interested in joining being part of #GiveToMarsDay? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are a few easy ways that you can participate:

1. Donate. Even a $10 donation will make a difference, so skip your morning Starbucks and help The Mars Generation achieving its fundraising goal.

2. Share! Share! Share! Spread the word about #GivetoMarsDay on your social media accounts as often as you can throughout the day. Here’s a sample of tweets you could use:

Help @AstronautAbby and her pals get home from #Mars! Help raise $100K in 24 hours for #STEMeducation #GTMD15

Potato power isn’t enough to get @AstronautAbby home from #Mars! See how you can help! #TheMartian #GTMD15

Each generous donation is an investment in our future. Donate by 11:59pm CST and help inspire youth! #GTMD15 #STEM

Give just $10 now to #TheMarsGeneration and help change the world! #GiveToMarsDay #GTMD15 #JourneyToMars #STEM

$10 can do so much more than you think. Contribute to our future. Be part of the change. #GTMD15 #STEM

3. Email Your Family and Friends. Ask your friends and family to help The Mars Generation reach its $100k fundraising goal. To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with a quick message that you can copy & paste:

Give To Mars Day – November 12 – Please Join ME!

Hi Name,

The Mars Generation (TMG) has planned a special 24-hour online fundraising campaign called Give to Mars Day planned for Give to the Max Day (Online community giving day hosted in MN with donors worldwide) on Today – November 12!

For the #GiveToMarsDay campaign, TMG has set out to raise $100,000 to help fund development of their 3 core programs, which include STEM and space outreach program, Student Space Ambassador program and Space Camp Scholarship Program.

I would like to ask you to consider joining me in contributing to the campaign today at you can contribute through 11:59pm CST – hurry before it’s too late!

Thank you,
P.S. Here is a guide on ways you can help spread the word:


4. Support The #PotatoChallenge Participants! They are planning to survive the way Mark Watney did in The Martian. That means living on only water and potatoes for the duration of the challenge. But they can earn “perks” every time we reach a new goal in the amount of money raised. That’s where you can help– Every time you tweet about the challenge, share participant’s tweets, or post updates on Facebook and Instagram, it will help spread the word and bring in donations and that will get them their “perks.” Make sure you use the hashtages #GivetoMarsDay, #gtmd2015, and #PotatoChallenge, and add the link to donate:


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