When Are We Going To Mars? | #AskAbby Space and Science Show | The Mars Generation

Season 1, Episode 11 of The Space and Science Show #AskAbby series
Presented by TheMarsGeneration.org

What are the current challenges of getting to Mars? 

We are excited to announce the release of our new series called the #AskAbby Space and Science Show! Our founder and president Astronaut Abby will be appearing on YouTube every other Tuesday answering questions submitted by you, our community!

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What would you bring on a trip to Mars? Mac ‘n’ Cheese? An adult coloring book? How about a ukulele? #AskAbby director Emily doesn’t seem to quite understand what we need to go to Mars…but luckily Abby does! There are quite a few things to consider before we are ready for a human mission to Mars. This week, join The Mars Generation’s founder, Astronaut Abby, as she gives an overview of our current status on the journey to Mars.

Includes answers to questions including: How long would a human mission to Mars take? What challenges would astronauts face? How would they get food and other materials? What are some psychological and physical challenges for Mars-bound astronauts? What is NASA doing to help solve these challenges? In terms of technology, how ready are we to send a spacecraft to Mars? How will it land? What will the spacecraft look like? Also, most importantly, how can YOU help get humans to Mars? Watch to find out answers to these questions and so much more!

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