How Do Planets Form? | #AskAbby Homeschool Edition | The Mars Generation | Season 3 | Episode 10

Season 3, Episode 10, #AskAbby Space and Science Show: Homeschool Edition

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How Are Planets Formed?

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In this episode, host and aspiring astronaut Abby “Astronaut Abby” Harrison discusses planets! From how planets are formed to when they were formed, Abby will break down some of your biggest questions about planets. She will also discuss how astronomers know what they know about planets millions and even billions of miles away!

In the 9th Episode of the #AskAbby Space and Science Show: Homeschool Edition, host Abby Harrison answers a question submitted by Christine Graham’s 6th grade science class in Cockrill Middle School in Mckinney, Texas including: What is the temperature in space at the distance from the sun that the Earth is? What is the oldest planet? How were the planets formed? Why are all planets round? Is Neptune a water planet? How do you measure the distance between planets?

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