Kirkus Reviews: Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars by TMG President Abigail Harrison

Abby Harrison_Dream Big_Kirkus Reviews

Our co-founder and president Abigail Harrison’s new inspirational book, Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars, which guides young people on how to attain their big dreams step-by-step, has been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews, which says that Dream Big! will “appeal both to STEM-oriented fans of the author as well as those whose interests lie in other areas.”

The review remarks on the way Harrison formed her own step-by-step plan to achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut; Kirkus writes, “In this conversational guide, Harrison walks her readers through the same process, providing personal reminisces alongside workbook-style exercises.” Described as “Fun and helpful,”  Kirkus says that  “With friendly encouragement, [Dream Big!]  introduces concepts like the elevator pitch, SMART goals from the world of business management (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely), “accountabilibuddies,” and burnout.” Kirkus also notes that “Minibiographies of notable achievers outside the space world…add interest and inspiration.”

Click here to read the full review, and pre-order Abby Harrison’s new book, Dream Big! How to Reach for Your Stars here.

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