Why Mars? Explore Mars Answers the Persistent Question

EM-logo-w-shadingIn a new series of op-ed pieces titled “Why Mars?” that is being published in the Huffington Post, representatives selected by the nonprofit group Explore Mars will discuss reasons we should continue on the Journey to Mars. The series features space enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds–including The Mars Generations’s (TMG) Founder and President Astronaut Abby – including scientists, an astonruat and other STEM professionals.

TMG is a partners with Explore Mars, a nonprofit that aims to advance humanity’s path to the red planet. Explore Mars is the host of the annual Humans to Mars Summit in Washington D.C., where Astronaut Abby spoke earlier this year. Chris Carberry, the CEO of Explore Mars, believes that “the United States – including government, industry, academia, and the general public ― and our international partners are on the verge of moving forward with one of the most significant and awe-inspiring endeavors in human history” so they want to explain to the general public why this mission is important.

The Why Mars Series will feature a total of 11 pieces over the course of 10-12 weeks.

Check back weekly as we add all the posts in this Why Mars Series here for easy reference.

Why Mars? An Introduction To A 10-Part Series On Sending Humans To Mars – By Chris Carberry, CEO Explore Mars

Why Mars? An Astronaut’s Perspective – By John M. Grunsfeld, Astronaut, Scientist, Explorer

We Should Explore Mars So That Our Students Will Keep Dreaming Big – By Janet Ivey, Ceo Janet’s Planet

The Mars Generation: Why We Must Go To Mars – By Abigail Harrison/Astronaut Abby, Founder and President The Mars Generation 

Why Study Mars? To Better Understand The Earth – By Philip Christensen, Professor of Planetary Geoscience, Arizona State University

My Personal Mission To (And For) Mars – By Clementine Poidatz, Actress

Why Mars Can Be Attractive And Affordable – By Joe Cassidy, Executive Director for Space Programs, Washington Operations, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Why Mars?- A Perspective From The United Arab Emirates – By Talal Kaissi Director of U.S.–U.A.E. Space Affairs, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

Why Mars? To Discover How Life Originates – By Ramses Ramirez,Planetary Scientist and Astrobiologist, Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University 

Why Mars? Because It Will Change Our World For The Better – By Mary Lynn Dittmar, Executive Director, Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

Why Mars? For Today’s Students, Exploring Mars Represents So Much More Than The Red Planet Itself – By Lance Bush, President and CEO, Challenger Center

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