Members Of The Mars Generation: Check Out Our Inspiration Contest!

Members of The Mars Generation

It’s our 2nd anniversary and we are announcing a new and fun way to participate in The Mars Generation to celebrate our 2nd year of success as an organization! Starting today and each month we will be hosting an Inspiration Contest and anyone who is a member of The Mars Generation can enter for a chance to win!

Prizes will be awarded month and include: TMG logo t-shirts, patches, magnets, keychains, coffee mugs and much more!

To enter the TMG Inspiration Contest for a chance to win follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are a member of The Mars Generation.
  • Share photo(s) or video(s) of things that inspire you or show your love for TMG on your Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook page.
  • Use #TMGinspires and #contest hashtags when sharing your photo(s) or video(s) and tell us why you are inspired. And also please tag our social media channels (when possible). The hashtags are how we track entries so don’t forget it!
  • You can enter as often as you like and we will hold a prize drawing the first week of every month for fun prizes including patches, pins, t-shirts and more!
  • You must have your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram set for public to be able to view for the contest entry to be recorded.

If you are NOT a member hurry and sign up today! Once you are a member you will get all kinds of perks including being able to enter our “Inspiration Contest” for chances to win prizes every month!

Please note: By entering a photo or video in the contest, you are giving us permission to use the photo for any other TMG promotion in the future.

Please read the rules here and make sure you understand our rules before choosing to participate.

Join Us As A Member Today

If you’re NOT already a member, join us today! Members of The Mars Generation are part of an inspirational, educational elite group dedicated to furthering young people’s success in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) and space. Once you are a member you instantly join a worldwide community of people passionate about advancements in STEAM education and also advancing human space exploration.

Become a part of our community today, and help us educate and excite people about human space exploration and sending humans to Mars! Our outreach work is essential to driving public interest in human space exploration. Additionally, your support helps us make students’ and young people’s dreams in STEAM and space come true. So sign up now right here!

Your support will help us change the world!

Become a member today! You can also sign up for future blog posts to be delivered right to your inbox to learn more, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Henri Calitri says

    Hello. I’m a member of The Mars Generation as a scientist doing research. (using my real and broad social definition of scientist) At my facebook page is a post of my 6 favorite books. It’s approximately the 4th post from the top. One of them I wrote and share with friends and family. I’m still tweaking it, called, Henri’s 45 essays. How do I enter this into the Mars Generation inspiration contest?

    My facebook page is the one where I wear the blue sweater. There are only 2 Henri Calitri profiles.

    • socialnicole says

      Please read the rules for participation. If you are over age 18 you may submit a photo of the books – otherwise perhaps have a parent submit for you.

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