The mission of The Mars Generation is two-fold:

1.To empower and inspire young people (and people of all ages) to dream big and reach for their Mars whatever that may be.

2.To excite the general public about human space exploration and STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education and foster an understanding of the importance of these two elements to the future of humankind on Earth.

The goal of the organization is to advance public interest in human space exploration and advocate for NASA’s journey to Mars. The Mars Generation will also serve as a catalyst to identify students with an interest in these areas and nurture their study in STEM education. The mars generation will also leverage the amazing awe and wonder that looking beyond earth to space instills in us all and what large and near impossible missions (like sending humans to Mars) can do to ignite a sense of passion and purpose on earth (similar to what sending humans to the moon during the Apollo era did for generations afterward).

The focus of the organization is to leverage the power of social media and our digitally interconnected world in a positive and uplifting way through our outreach work that spreads our mission. We are an innovative nonprofit producing mission-focused content that is educational, inspirational, and empowering. Our content includes Online content such as blogs, social media posts, YouTube videos, keynote speaking at large events both online and offline, and sharing information, events, and content that other organizations with similar missions are producing.