New Moderator: Future of Space Facebook Group

Sean Costello and Astronaut AbbyOne important aspect of The Mars Generation Future of Space Program is to educate and empower others to advocate for human space exploration. There are many ways to do this, but one important part of the program is our Future of Space Facebook Group. This group was created as a place for people to share current space-related news, but the group is not only a place to share space articles, it is also a place to share ideas and garner support for outreach we are doing together. We hope people will share success stories where outreach has initiated our young people and adults to dream big, act big and inspire others.

Introducing Sean Costello: Moderator Future of Space Facebook Group

With the official launch of The Mars Generation (TMG) and an eager advisory board, as well as a large community looking to get involved, we are excited to bring more people into the fold to make the outreach mission a success. It is our distinct pleasure to introduce Sean Costello as our new lead moderator for the Future of Space Facebook Group. Sean is a TMG advisory board member, technology entrepreneur, space exploration fan and advocate for human space exploration and dreaming big. Sean has been a supporter of Astronaut Abby since 2011, and in 2014 Sean participated in creating the Future of Space Facebook group. Sean has been involved regularly in discussions in the group and is committed to helping support the group as it grows.

We are so excited to announce Sean’s new role and welcome him, as we know he will carry The Mars Generation mission forward in building this essential group on Facebook.

Stop by the Future of Space Facebook Group today and welcome Sean as our new moderator!


  1. Sean Costello says

    Many thanks, Abby & others, for inviting me to be a part of this amazing journey. We truly are a growing community and I’m eager to help nurture this aspect of the overall The Mars Generation mandate.

    Welcome, all – I’ll see you in the FaceBook Group!


  2. Tracy Karin Prell says

    Congratulations Sean! You were an Excellent Choice! I know you will Successfully utilize this Platform to unite the World in this New and Exciting Endeavor “The MARS Generation” launched by Astronaut Abby and with the tireless and unwavering support of her mom Nicole! Through outreach programs and STEM Education, we also need to educate our school systems and their educators about STEM to ensure that every student becomes inspired by making learning interesting and fun! Our World can become a “Circle of Inspiration” and Achieve any Dream or Goal we Desire! I do not believe in the words “it can’t be done!” Those words are not in my vocabulary and should certainly not be in the minds of our children! Let’s move forward and don’t look back! This is Our New Beginning in Space Exploration! We Will Make it Happen! Best!

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