Potatoes and Space Camp: Why We Need You

The power of The Mars Generation Space Camp Scholarship program is best seen through the effects on the scholarship recipients. The program helps students with limited financial resources who have talent in STEM a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend Space Camp. The scholarships not only cover the tuition of the camp which is approximately $1,000, it also covers transportation and flight suits and spending money too! We are dedicated to bringing this experience to as many students as possible with a hopes to inspire students to reach for the stars.

Please consider joining us for our annual Give To Mars Day Potato Challenge November 17, 2016 and help us raise funds for these scholarships.

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Space Camp Scholarships. Applications are due January 15, 2017.

Space Camp Scholarship TestimonyHere is what Tiffany, a 2016 scholarship recipient had to say about the program and it’s effects on her life:
“The TMG scholarship to Space Camp was a huge benefit to my life in a way that leaves me speechless, not only was Space Camp amazing but the people that were able to give me this opportunity (TMG) are as amazing.
For my stem interest it brought me back to my life-long love for astronomy and recent interest in aerospace. I always knew my career path was going to be in STEM but now I am sure that I want to be in aerospace. I also now consider going out of state to study not only for a chance to go to a more aerospace focused school but a chance to explore different places and I hope to study abroad as well.
It is wonderful to think that I would be able to help send humans to Mars but to have the opportunity to go out to space and explore Mars, would feeling that cannot be described by words. If I get to do either of these things it will make me feel complete but I envision my self on earth helping to build and design spacecraft or telescopes to see deeper into our universe and our past. The James Webb telescope is a good example of some kind of project i would want to work on in the future. I would want to design to construct and to see the craft in action. These are some of the many things I would like to accomplish in my future career as an aerospace engineer. “


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