True to Astronaut Abby’s own personal mission statement: Dream Big, Act Big and Inspire Others,

The Mars Generation operates three core programs designed to meet the mission of the organization.

The Future Of Space Outreach Program

The Mars Generation is an innovative nonprofit founded on the backbone of digital media to help inspire millions around the world to dream big and reach for their own stars. We are also leveraging digital media to excite and educate people about the importance of STEM and space to the future of humankind. How do we do this? We were built leveraging our co-founder Astronaut Abby’s massive online presence. As a top influencer in STEM and space Abby has grown a social media following of over 1 million people and has reached millions through her web chats, Ted Talk and other public speaking, media interviews and her continuous social media presence sharing her now journey to space for the past 10 years as well as working to inspire others with advice and guidance. We are a nonprofit that serves as a production company, creating fun and education YouTube shows, Podcasts and other interactive media to inspire others. We are also a publishing company that produces content in the form of blog posts, books and other resources.

TMG Leadership Ambassador Program

This leadership program inspires teens and young adults to share their own excitement about their big dreams with others, whether their dreams are STEM and space related or are focused on other areas of interest, we encourage young people to go out and build communities that they can inspire with heir dreams and also will support them to not only dream big, but guide them on how to make those dreams a reality. This program is free and is available for anyone ages 13-24. Parents and teachers may also sign up to use the resources available.

TMG Scholarship Programs

TMG is dedicated to providing scholarships to youth with STEM interests. Our current scholarship offerings focus on Space Camp® Scholarships for U.S. students with financial need. And we are also preparing to launch an aviation scholarship. Providing exceptional, inspirational experiences to talented kids can help shape their future educational and career choices.