The Future of Space (FOS) worldwide outreach program is our core outreach program. It’s purpose is to empower people of all ages to use their voice to change the world. This is the work we do everyday at The Mars Generation to excite the public about human space exploration and STEM and educate. You are a part of our program by simply following us on one of our social media channels, signing up for our blog updates and/or officially becoming an ambassador for TMG. While we have the Student Space Ambassador Leadership program for young people ages 13-24 as a way to empower our youth to become leaders today for tomorrow – we have FOS for adults who want to participate and be leaders for the Mars generation helping pave the path to the future.

The FOS program is the program the initially led to the founding of The Mars Generation. To learn more about that story and our founder, Astronaut Abby scroll to the bottom of the page.

How you can participate in the Future of Space Outreach Program:

  1. SignUp for The Mars Generation emails and stay up to date with the information we share through our blog.
  2. Follow The Mars Generation on TwitterFacebook and instagram and share space and STEM posts with your online community.
  3. Sign up to be a TMG Space Ambassador – there are many ways to carry out the ambassador role:
    • volunteer in your local community at a space/STEM event and/or
    • speak to a group of students, business people or any group about your own passion for space
    • setup a TMG chapter at your college/university, in your city/state/country
    • Write about a specific topic in space and/or STEM as a guest blogger on one of the many space and STEM blogs online and share with us. You can submit your blog post ideas for possible publication on our blog at groundsupport(at)themarsgeneration(dot)org.
    • share TMG and many other space/STEM content via your own social media channels and help spread the message of the importance of Space and STEM to our future
  4. Contact your Congress person and tell them that you support investment in the future of our country through funding space exploration and STEM programs.
  5. Stay connected with Astronaut Abby through her social media channels and/or email list.

The Origins of the Future of Space program:

The Future of Space outreach program has it’s origins in the story of Astronaut Abby who in 2011 at age 13 was on twitter looking for a quote from a NASA employee for her school project. She got the quote, and she got a whole lot more. Abby has been embraced by the online space community as a leader of her generation, the Mars generation. Her initial 200 Twitter followers has grown to over 600,000 community members on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and her blog.

In 2013, Abby launched the Future of Space Worldwide Outreach Program to formalize her own outreach work, sharing her story and encouraging others to share their passion about space and STEM. The program has now been expanded by The Mars Generation, inviting a broader audience committed to advancing human space exploration and supporting STEM education.

To learn more about Astronaut Abby’s participation in this program click here.