reddit: Astronaut Abby Ask Me Anything October 12, 2015

Astronaut Abby REDDIT Ask Me AnythingWe are excited to announce that our founder and board chair Astronaut Abby will be available on reddit for an Ask Me Anything session Monday October 12, 2015 at 3pm EST or 7pm GMT.

We hope you will join Abby on reddit! Just look up /r/IAMA and user name AstronautAbby.

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Here is a video that will guide you through how to use it. It’s pretty easy, setup an account and make sure to follow the rules. To participate in Abby’s AMA just find AstronautAbby and click on her post for the AMA and ask your questions.

Abby Harrison, known to many as Astronaut Abby is aspiring to be the first astronaut to Mars. In 2013 (at age 15) Abby served as the Earth Liaison to her mentor Astronaut Luca Parmitano, sharing his experience of living in Space with her followers online. At that time she started a worldwide outreach program that she continues to run to this day.

In September 2015 Abby founded The Mars Generation, a nonprofit that is committed to empowering others to advocate and share their love of space and STEM and to help others to understand the importance of human space exploration to humankind. This new nonprofit is set up to empower her now over 430,000 fans and followers online to advocate for NASA’s journey to Mars as well as to help inspire others to dream big and reach for their own Mars.

The Mars Generation has an advisory board that includes 3 retired astronauts, NASA engineers, scientists, communicators and professionals from many other backgrounds. The Mars Generation programs include a Space Camp Scholarship Program, Student Space Ambassador Program and The Future of Space Outreach Program.

You can watch Abby’s TEDx Talk ‘What’s Your Mars’ to learn more about her story.

You can check out the Astronaut Abby website to learn more about Abby.

You can learn more about The Mars Generation right here on this website!

See a Google Hangout where Abby interviews The Martian author Andy Weir.



  1. Arturo L says

    Dear Abby,

    My question is: what’s the most common question people ask you when they see you?

    • Nicole Harrison says

      please go to reddit and setup an account and join Abby tomorrow on the ask me anything event – she will answer questions there. Thanks!