Team America Rocketry Challenge’s National Finals 2016

TARC 2016We were so honored to be asked to attend Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC)’s National Finals in Washington, DC  May 13- 14. Our very own Astronaut Abby spoke at the Safety Briefing. She delivered a strong message to the hundreds of students in attendance to take everything they have experienced through this competition back to their communities and share it. They were encouraged to not only share what they learned but inspire others to dream big and support STEM. This was an exceptional way to get kids excited about learning, STEM, and chasing their dreams!


Photo courtesy of TARC

We had a lot of fun checking out the finals and seeing every team compete, even though the weather took a
turn for the worse and things had to end early. There were over 100 teams in attendance and the top 10 teams split $100,000 in scholarships. We were amazed by all of the teams and want to say congratulations to each and every participant. You are all winners!

Here are some photos from the events! We are already looking forward to continuing our partnership with TARC. Together we can change the world!

TARC Convening

The Safety briefing crowd! Lots of students. Lots of fun!

TARC Speech

On the stage speaking to students. Astronaut Abby rocks it!

TARC Students Tarc Student TARC

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