The Mars Generation 2017 Space Camp Scholarship Winners Announced

The Mars Generation Space Camp ScholarshipsIt is with great excitement that we announce our 2017 TMG Space Camp Scholarship winners. We have selected a talented group of students from around the United States to attend Space Camp USA this summer. Our scholarship program is very competitive as it provides full paid scholarships (including transportation) for students lacking economic resources to attend Space Camp. We are also excited to announce our TMG Colombian Chapter, Santa Marta, will also be sending students again this year.

In 2016, we sent our first 12 scholarship winners to Space Camp and the program was a great success. We look forward to the 2017 TMG Space Camp Scholarship recipients attending Space Camp and sharing their experiences through the community-centered projects they proposed to receive the scholarship. We have listed each of the 2017 winners below with the title and focus of their project. We hope you will follow along with their progress by liking us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and also signing up for email updates.

If you would like to donate to our Space Camp Scholarship program and help support sending these students to space camp, please visit our donation page.


Name: Alier A.
Location: Wisconsin
Favorite School Subjects: Math and Composition
Post Secondary Education Plans: Master’s Degree in Engineering

Scholarship Project Title and Description: You only Shine as Bright as You Choose to. This project is meant to display the importance of Space Camp to minorities.


Name: Candy M.
Location: New York
Favorite School Subjects: English, Math and Science
Post Secondary Education Plans: After high school, Candy plans on attending a university and earning her bachelor’s degree. She aspires to become an astronaut someday.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: What Is The Use of A Satellite. Candy’s project will reach both students and staff from her science club.


Name: Merary M.
Location: California
Favorite School Subjects: Psychology and Biology
Post Secondary Education Plans: After graduating high school Merary plans on attending a university and majoring in biology, preferably marine biology. She hopes to either join or start her own marine life conservation group.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: Space Kids Help Kids. Merary’s project will teach kids from various schools ages eleven through fourteen about the importance of taking advantages of joining the many programs that focus on STEM such as The Mars Generation.


Name: Milagro G.
Location: California
Favorite School Subject: History
Post Secondary Education Plans: Milagro has her eye on several colleges including UC Berkeley or the University of Southern California. She aspires to become an engineer, an astronaut, or a lawyer.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: The Future Through My Eyes. The project will be presented to 8th and 9th graders to encourage them to pursue activities in science and math with an emphasis on space travel.


Name: Moshtaha B.
Location: Illinois
Favorite School Subjects: Science, History and P.E.
Post Secondary Education Plans: After graduation, Moshtaha plans on going to a college and majoring in either astronomy, engineering, law, or the medical field. Her career goals are to either become an astronomer, biomedical engineer, lawyer, archeologist, or neurologist.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: Space Camp Adventures. The project will reach out to children in her community who will be the first in their family to graduate and go to college.


Name: Oliver Y.
Location: Michigan
Favorite School Subjects: Physics and Math
Post Secondary Education Plans: Oliver aspires to become an astronaut or a physicist for NASA or a private space company (Space X).

Scholarship Project Title and Description: Project Interstellar. To inspire elementary, middle and high school students to be excited about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and join The Mars Generation.


Name: Rani J.
Location: California
Favorite School Subjects: Math, Science, Biology, and Chemistry
Post Secondary Education Plans: Rani plans to attend college and study digital arts and computer science, as well as software engineering 3D designer for either video game companies or movie productions.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: The Next Generation of Travel. This project will reach students in Rani’s community between the ages 10 – 16.


Name: Reese W.
Location: Florida
Favorite School Subjects: Math, Science, and History
Post Secondary Education Plans: Reece plans on attending a 4-year college and getting his aerospace engineering degree.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: Tomorrows Explorers. This project will reach students who want to get a career in a field of STEM or want to learn more about it.


Name: Tanise M.
Location: California
Favorite School Subjects: Biology and Math
Post Secondary Education Plans: After graduating high school Tanise plans on attending UCLA. She aspires to become either an astronaut, autopilot, anthropologist and/or a marine biologist.

Scholarship Project Title and Description: Luna.  The project will reach the members of all ages at Tanise’s church.



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