The Mars Generation Founder Named 20 Under 20 STEAM Pioneer

20-under-20-steam-huffington-post-fordWe are excited to announce that our founder, Abigail Harrison, has been chosen as one of Ford and Huffington Post’s 20 Under 20 Next Generation of STEAM Pioneers for 2016. Harrison, known online as Astronaut Abby, has been recognized for her outreach work with The Mars Generation and her involvement in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

It is an honor to lead my generation, the Mars generation, to this new frontier, Mars. I hope to someday be the first person to step foot on the red planet or to inspire the person who does take those first steps.  – Abigail Harrison

The Huffington Post teamed up with Ford Motor Company and assembled this list of “the most impressive under-20-year-olds to show you the next generation of the best and brightest innovators.” Among those listed there are inventors, scientists, coders, artists and so many other young leaders. We are thrilled to see such a strong group of leaders included and to have our founder and organization recognized for our work.

astronaut-abby-speakingHarrison’s work to build our organization, The Mars Generation, has been very successful. As a brand new organization we had a reach of over 10 million people in our first year, have over 600 donors, 350 members, 600 Student Space Ambassadors and continue to grow our Space Camp scholarship program. This work has helped to advance the excitement and understanding of the importance of STEAM education and human space exploration to the future of humanity. As a community we are proud to work with Harrison to accomplish these goals.

I appreciate the recognition from Ford and Huffington Post and want to thank every person who has been a supporter of my work which includes the advisory board, volunteers, donors, members, students who are part of The Mars Generation and the over 600,000 people following my journey to Mars online. It is their support and hard work and dedication that has made this organization such a huge success that continues to change the world. – Abigail Harrison

Please check out the announcement on the Huffington Post website under their What’s Working Inspiration Generation series presented by Ford Motor company and learn about the amazing group of individuals that have been making a name for themselves in STEAM while chasing their dreams before reaching the age of 20.

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