Press Release: The Martian Inspires Next Generation of Space Exploration

Jessica-Chastain-The-Martian-Quote-TMGNew Nonprofit The Mars Geneneration positioned to ‘Change The World’

This weekend, millions of people watched with bated breath as astronaut Mark Watney struggled to survive on the surface of Mars in the new movie, The Martian, based on Andy Wier’s book of the same title.

While billed as science fiction, there is a very real possibility that today’s younger generations will be the Mars generation, the first people to step on Mars.  However, for this to happen, we must inspire a generation who, like Watney, has a love and knowledge of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM) and a curiosity and desire to explore the unknown.  We must find those people who look up at the sky with wonder, and provide them the opportunity further their education and fuel their curiosity.

In an effort to make this vision a reality, 18-year-old aspiring astronaut Abigail Harrison, known online as Astronaut Abby, and a team of advisors, including several current and former astronauts  and space professionals, launched The Mars Generation (TMG), a a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to nurturing and inspiring tomorrow’s explorers.

“In addition to boosting STEM-related careers, Mars exploration has limitless potential to advance humanity through scientific discovery and exploration beyond our home planet,” stated Harrison. “The Mars Generation aims to support this future through several programs dedicated to engaging and educating the public about the need to get humans to Mars, and with the tagline ‘together we can change the world’ we are doing just that. “

Mars is within our reach; if we put our minds to it, it won’t be long before, like Watney, we set foot on Mars.

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