TMG Members: Get a chance to hangout on Google with Astronaut Wendy Lawrence and our founder

As as a member of The Mars Generation you will be eligible for special webinars, events and opportunities. This includes discounts with our partners, discounts on our – soon to be opened online store and also opportunities like this fun upcoming Google Hangout.

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Google Hangout Details

Captain Wendy Lawrence AstronautJoin us Saturday October 8, 2016 at 3pm CST with our guests retired astronaut Captain Wendy Lawrence and our founder 19 year old aspiring astronaut Abby Harrison. Click here to watch the hangout!

We have 8 slots for members to join Astronaut Wendy Lawrence and our founder 19 year old Abigail Harrison known to many as Astronaut Abby – who aspires to be the first astronaut to make it to Mars. Get a chance to ask Astro Wendy a veteran astronaut and Abby (a astronaut hopeful of the future) questions and have an opportunity to chat. To enter for a chance to win a slot to join this hangout click here. Enter by October 7, 2016. 

How TMG Members can submit questions for the hangout

Any member can also submit questions to our two guests. To enter for a chance to win a slot in the hangout and/or ask questions click here.

The hangout will be live and open for anyone who is part of our community to watch. That means non-members can watch it too!

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