#TrainLikeAMartian 2017 Bonus Opportunities To Win

Train Like A Martian DonateWe like to keep things interesting and fun when running our challenges whether we are doing our #PotatoChallenge or our #TrainLikeAMartian Challenge!

For the 2017 #TrainLikeAMartian Challenge we have more ways for you to win!

One More Day To Play and Be Entered To Win

First, we are extending the challenge end date to Saturday, May 27, 2017, at 11:59pm CST.

Any photos and video entries that are posted during Saturday will be entered in our final prize drawing and also entered for the grand prize drawing. Winners will be announced Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

We will not introduce any new challenges on Saturday, it is a free for all to go back and do your favorite challenges from Days 1-5 and/or do challenges you didn’t have time for including biohacks or STEAM challenges.

This also means donations will be accepted through the same deadline on Saturday so people can get rewards for donations through Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 to fund our programs and inspire the next generation to dream big!

NEW TLM Video Contest

Second, we have a video contest that is easy to enter and you may win some cool prizes.

We will have 4 prize winners. Prizes will be:

  • 2 Lottie Explorer Dolls
  • 1 TMG Logo T-shirt
  • 1 TMG Logo Sweatshirt

Winners will be selected randomly from all entries.

You may enter up to 6 videos total. The videos must be of one of the challenges which include fitness, STEAM or biohacks from any of the contest days. We will be checking to ensure videos submitted are of challenge activities. You must be signed up for the Train Like A Martian Challenge to win.

Please note these videos may be used by TMG in social media posts, compilation videos of the event or any other video we may decide to produce. Please make sure you are ok with us using the video outside of this contest.

To Enter:

  1. You will need to upload your video using the link below.
  2. You will need to title your video using the name you signed up for the challenge with, what challenge day the video is from and the challenge category.
  3. You may upload using your phone. You enter the title on our entry form, this is not the title you create when you save your video.
  4. You must be signed up for the Train Like A Martian Challenge. 

(Example Title: Abby_Harrison_Day 1_Biohack)

Click here to submit video(s)  – this will take you to a Google Dropbox that will allow you to upload your video and it will be submitted to our contest dropbox.

*Videos that are longer than 1 minute may take awhile to upload, internet speed may also affect this. Please do not contact us if you cannot upload your video. Edit the video to make it shorter and try again.


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