Yvonne Hundshamer is founder and President of Blue Grotto Inc., a Minnesota-based business that works with clients to document culture and values, celebrate milestones and articulate vision. Understanding the importance of relationship-building to overall communications success, she helps clients to focus on cultivating the support of those who have both the interest and capacity to become long-term, significant supporters and advocates.

Yvonne has been an advisor to Abby on her Astronaut Abby project for several years working with Abby on messaging, media coaching and much more. Yvonne has subsequently been a part of the launch team for The Mars Generation helping to refine the brand messaging as well as working on donor and sponsorship strategies.

When asked why she volunteers so much time to help Abby with her Astronaut Abby work and  now the new nonprofit she responded, “I see a little bit of Abby in every young person – the intrinsic inquisitive nature of young people empowered to think big, dream bigger, and act boldly.”