TMG Intern Spotlight: Emily Pattison

Intern Emily Pattison

Interns are invaluable to any organization and we can certainly say that for our own interns here at The Mars Generation.

That’s why we want to shine a spotlight on Emily Pattison, one of our interns! Emily is a student at Wellesley College, the same school our co-founder and President Abby Harrison graduated from! It’s always been important for Abby to give back to her community, and passing on this paid internship to another scholar in the Wellesley community felt like the perfect thing to do. Emily has been balancing her studies with The Mars Generation internship for nearly four years now–very impressive to say the least! Emily’s primary role at TMG has been directing and writing scripts for the #AskAbby Youtube Show, but she has also spent time writing and editing for many other projects.

Though we are sad to see her internship come to end, we’re so excited to see Emily graduate this year! She currently has goals to work in the entertainment industry, and with all her experience working for TMG and #AskAbby, we know she’s ready and prepared to take on anything! With her upcoming graduation, Emily has already found her replacement: another Wellesley student! Our new intern is a first year student, just like Emily was when she first joined TMG, and it is our hope that we can also provide her with years of valuable experience for her future career!

But for now, let’s hear more from Emily!

What is your major at Wellesley? Double Major in Economics & Media Arts and Sciences (MAS)

What are your career goals or big dreams or both? To get an MBA, work in the entertainment industry, create a social impact, and potentially go into entrepreneurship.

I also want to adopt a cat, live abroad, and finally become fluent in Spanish!

What are your interests? Hiking, politics, astronomy, theatre, traveling, ukulele and playing the piano.

What kind of clubs are you in? Co-Founder and CEO of Our Voice, a mobile app startup for young people to get involved in politics, Vice President of The Wellesley College Democrats, Founder and President of Wendy Pictures (Film Production), Actor in Wellesley College Upstage and Mainstage (Theatre), and member of Project W (Entrepreneurship).

What is your favorite planet and why? Saturn! I’m excited to see if life exists in the oceans of Enceladus. Plus, the rings are so beautiful to look at! The planet looks like it’s hula-hooping.

Who is your favorite astronaut and why? Peggy Whitson! She’s spent more time in space than any other American astronaut, which is pretty cool!

Why did you want to work at TMG? I love the mission statement–not only am I excited by space exploration and expanding our current knowledge of the universe, but The Mars Generation is all about helping young people achieve their dreams. Being able to put out content that helps young people reach for the stars and fulfill their full potential means a lot to me. The team culture is also fun and collaborative, and I’ve been able to have a variety of work that helps me learn and expand my skill set.

Why do you think STEM is important? STEM is what allows our society to push forward and innovate on new technologies. With STEM, we can learn more about the universe, solve health-related problems, climate change, and more. The possibilities with STEM are endless.

What’s the thing you look forward to learning the most? So much! If there’s life on another planet, but then also, what is inside a black hole, if there are different dimensions, how the universe started, etc… The physics of the universe are really interesting for me to read about, especially as so much is unknown. For instance, we don’t yet have a complete and consistent theory for quantum gravity! I’m really excited to learn the relationship between gravity, time, and space on different scales.


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