TMG Intern Spotlight: Katherine Morin


TMG_Intern Spotlight: Katherine Morin_2021

Introducing Katherine Morin: our newest intern here at The Mars Generation!

Katherine is a first-year student at Wellesley College, just like our President and Co-Founder Abby Harrison once was! Passing on this paid internship to another Wellesley student is one way Abby has been able to give back to her community. Katherine has been an intern with The Mars Generation for a few months now, and has already brought so much talent to our team! Her main role at The Mars Generation has been creating, writing, and editing awesome content for our non-profit as well as assisting Abby with some of her own projects.

Currently, Katherine is training with our soon to be graduating intern and Wellesley student, Emily Pattison. Emily has been showing her the ropes around here since she will be taking over Emily’s role when Emily graduates this spring. She is learning from the best! Katherine is studying mathematics and astronomy with aspirations to become a scientist working in the space industry or a college professor. So cool! We look forward to working with Katherine during her time at Wellesley and we hope that her experience with us at TMG over the next few years will help her develop the skills and knowledge she needs to take on her dreams!

Welcome to the team, Katherine!

Read more about Katherine below:

Graduation Year at Wellesley: 2024

What is your major at Wellesley? Math & Astronomy.

What are your career goals or big dreams or both? Scientist in the space industry, college professor.

What are your interests? Creative writing, reading, foreign language, biology.

What kind of clubs are you in? ASTRO club, Club Rocks, Wellesley/MIT Ballroom Dance Team.

What is your favorite planet and why? Venus! Just a few months ago, scientists discovered phosphine on Venus. I am excited to see what this discovery leads to and if it has anything to do with extraterrestrial life!

Who is your favorite astronaut and why? My favorite astronaut is Christina Koch! She holds the record for the longest continuous time in space by a woman and was part of the first all-female spacewalk with fellow astronaut Jessica Meir.

Why did you want to work at TMG? I was captivated by The Mars Generation’s mission to promote STEM education and energize young people to get involved in space exploration! Being able to help students achieve their dreams is a rewarding experience, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with such talented and supportive individuals.

Why do you think STEM is important? In STEM, the possibilities are limitless. We can develop technologies to fly into deep space, filter water in a quicker, more accessible way, and more! These kinds of innovations will help society grow and create a brighter future.

What’s the thing you look forward to learning the most? In outer space, there is so much unknown! I am excited to see what scientists will discover in the next few years. The existence of extraterrestrial life has always fascinated me, and I’m curious to see – if we do find life – what it will look like. How will life survive on a planet with conditions different from Earth’s? That discovery could change our understanding of life as we know it!


  1. Kathy Woods says

    Katherine, you are an outstanding person and student. You are amazing. Most of all you are our beautiful Granddaughter. You give your all to everything you do. You give so so much love to us❤️Love you and congratulations on this great journey

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