The Mars Generation Coloring Book: Our Birthday Present

Color Me Mars GenerationWe are so excited to share a wonderful birthday gift we received for our 2nd birthday. “Color Me Mars Generation” is a delightful and creative coloring book that is not just full of fun pages to color, but is also a fun space story that stars our founder Astronaut Abby with the fictional character Jess. Moreover, it features many stories of amazing women who have made history in space and STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, math).

While the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are of vital importance to the advancement of the space industry and face their own unique set of challenges, they aren’t the only fields needed for us to get to Mars. Art is essential to success in STEM fields. It is the creative mind that figures out complex challenges like how to build a spacecraft, design a habitat, and develop food systems as well as many other challenges we have to face before we get to Mars. It is creativity combined with STEM fields that advances us as humans and allows us to continue to innovate. For this reason, people sometimes use the acronym STEAM instead of STEM to emphasize the significance of art.

This present was given to our community by an amazing artist and STEAM communicator, 16 year-old Tessa McEvoy. Tessa is a TMG Student Space Ambassador and often illustrates our events and activities using a fun character named Jess and many times includes our founder Astronaut Abby and others from the TMG will appear in the illustrations as well.

Tessa’s cartoons are fun and make space and STEAM something that kids can relate to. Find out all about the adventures Jess and Astronaut Abby go on in this coloring book (hint there is space travel with a little twist including our very own board member Morgan Irons showing up for some space gardening) while also learning some history about amazing women in space and STEM.

The coloring book is filled with story, history, and imagination.  Furthermore, while there are loads of great coloring pages, the book also has many opportunities for your child to draw their own images to go with the story!

 Click here to download the 23 page coloring book today for FREE ! 


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